CDM DOLMEN is an Italian company that has been developing a software for the structural and geotechnical design for more than 30 years. In particular, it produces a modular system of software dedicated to the design and calculation of three-dimensional structures made of reinforced or prestressed concrete, steel, wood, aluminum or masonry, placed both in seismic and non seismic zone. Besides DOLMEN offers the possibility of performing the analysis of structural elements under fire action.
In the geotechnical field, there are software for the calculation of retaining walls, bulkheads, shallow and deep foundations, as well as for slopes stability verification and for soils and rocks characterization.

Our history


CDM DOLMEN was born from a group of civil engineers graduated at Polytechnic of Turin (Italy) and it’s a software house that develops and distributes computer programs for structural and geotechnical engineering.

In 1982, CDM Engineering developed a software, Dolmen CLASSIC, which, starting from a deep knowledge of the finite element method analysis, opened the way for the development of PC supported calculation.

DOLMENPLUS was born in 1990, written in UNIX code. It was the first procedure entirely based on the new principles of integrated interactive design.

CDM DOLMEN company was founded in 1995 and started to develop DOLMEN WIN, a software installed in Windows operating system, that added to his progenitor power and flexibility the simplicity of a user friendly and immediate interface.

CDM DOLMEN e omnia IS srl was founded in 2008 as result of the union of two groups: CDM DOLMEN and omnia IS. The new company represents a great new reality in the scenery of Italian software for structural and geotechnical engineering.

The software bundle has been enriched with several geotechnical modulus for the study of the structural elements in contact with soil such as retaining walls, poles, bulkheads and shallow foundations, as well as for the slopes stability analysis and for the soils and rocks characterization.

Since 2007 DOLMEN updates have become continuous and downloadable from internet with an automatic upgrade. This procedure allows the user to download the latest files that are part of the new video tutorial that explains in detail the operations made by DOLMEN software.