Find below some examples of retaining walls calculated with IS Muri software

Precast retaining wall with counterforts on micropiles (Genova Italy)
Design: ing. Eugenio Marro e ing. Michele Motta - Studio Corona (Torino Italy)

Reataining wall on micropiles in San Raffaele Cimena (Torino Italy)
Structural and geothecnical design: Ing. Antonio Cagna Vallino (Torino Italy)

Project for the construction of a retaining wall of a front of rock excavation
Structural and geothecnical design: Ing. Silvio Ricci (Chiavari Genova Italy)

Project of a retaining wall in Carasco (Genova Italy)
Structural design: Ing. S. Ricci. Architectural design: Arch. G. Merialdo